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48 Laws of PowerList of Lists

Trading Strategies are derived from ideas. And ideas, it turns out, are like the old-fashioned game of Telephone: when I say one thing, you hear something slightly different based on your goals and experience. That’s why the List in 101 Trading Ideas works – it triggers trading ideas that are unique to the user and it provides a process for generating a continuous stream of trading ideas.

“New ideas forecast our relevance to the future; they are the difference between moving forward or being left behind, the difference between staying young or growing old.” –101 Trading Ideas, A Magical List for Fast-paced Alpha Hunting

The List of 101 Trading Ideas in the book isn’t unique in being able to trigger ideas – other lists work, too. The Farnham Street blog’s list of mental models, Wolfram Alpha’s list of mathematical topics and sublists inside each topic all work as sources of idea inspiration.

Here’s a new list from Robert Green’s 48 Laws of Power you can also use to trigger trading ideas and strategies.

Scan, Pause, Idea, Scan, Pause, Idea….


Happy hunting!



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