28 Trading System Ideas

Trading systems, discretionary and automated, are a wonderful challenge – and a great story when done right. I used Creative Whack Pack to generate 28 ideas around trading systems – maybe they will trigger some ideas for you, too…

28 Trading System ideas |

Imagine You’re the Idea

Imagine I’m the market

Imagine I’m a child dropped into a market or chart

…from below

…from above

…from side

If I were a trading signal, what would I want to be when I grew up?

What character traits would make me the best trading system ever?

How would I train?

How would I learn, grow old and die?

Would I be an athlete or an intellectual?

Political or libertarian?

Would I want children?

Would I want them to grow up to be signals or noise?

Look to Nature

Seasons as ebb and flow

Predator -prey

A. Ant: colony, swarm

A. Aardvark: nocturnal, burrowing, convergent evolution

A. Albatross: burden, highly efficient, pairs

Ask “Why?”

Why signals, why not noise?

Challenge the Rules

Relative option values vs traditional valuation

Relative pricing vs static pricing

Psychology vs static pricing

Order book vs static pricing

Suspend time

Suspend fundamentals

Suspend movement

Suspend price

Maximize number of signals vs pnl

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