[Trend Day Forecast] June Performance #trenddayforecast

Trend Day Forecast At the end of each day (15:00 pm ct USA and 10:30 am ct Europe) the Trend Day Forecast forecasts tomorrow’s close for equities and fixed income. More information on the TDF can be found here. Forecast Quicklook Performance: Forecast Monthly Performance¬†(on $200,000): Month Return % Return/Contract Dec 3.9% $7,835 Jan 4.6% Read more about [Trend Day Forecast] June Performance #trenddayforecast[…]

[Equities] Pre-Market Trend Odds: 31% #spy #es

Equities, Pre-Market Trend Odds: 31% The current odds the equity markets will trend today. These are skewed 3:1 to the downside. The Equity Trend Indictor can be helpful in validating this. Combine with Live Trend Odds to gauge strength of current move.