October 2, 2015

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Henry Carstens

Henry Carstens has been playing with ideas, inventing, and building things ever since he watched his father write a story on a roll of paper towels and punctuate it with taped-on toys. He bought his first stock when he was 12 and built his first trading system in 1996.

HHenry’s first trading system was an opening range breakout system based on counting compression and expansion in the OEX 100.

After serving his 10,000 hours learning to count, he began publishing The Trend Day Forecast as a discretionary trading aid that has evolved into a multi-tiered trading strategy and aid. Henry has been forecasting trend days since his ORB days and has developed a peer effects model to forecast them in real time.

Henry developed a trend and overbought/oversold indicator called Edge which is still in use today. Later, he began working with the parabolic curve of already priced in.

In late 2015, Henry realized that ideas were like the old-fashioned game of Telephone (when I say something, you hear something slightly different based on your interests, education and experiences) and wrote 101 Trading Ideas: A Magical List for Fast-Paced Alpha Hunting. 101 Trading Ideas was published in 2016 and is available from Amazon.

101 Trading Ideas enables Henry to find Alpha and develop trading strategies on an almost daily basis. Deliberate practice (see Talent is Overrated, chapter 4) is really the most amazing thing but it led to a problem – the problem of backtesting and the transition to in sample data. It is quite a daunting problem and the problem he is currently working on. He calls his idea around this Refutation and it allows his trading strategies to attempt to turn themselves off when the market changes beneath them. When the markets return to a profitable state, the strategies turn themselves back on.

Henry develops trading ideas and licenses portfolios of quant-based trading strategies. He has degrees in mathematics, economics and physics. You can reach him at the addresses and phone number below.


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