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10 Ideas for the Weekend

Ideas are like poetry, the space between the lines matters

That is why a list works as an idea generator, the spaces in the list let you fill in the blanks w/ your own ideas

Start Close In by David Whyte  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=030YqrN4SFc

Take the road less traveled or the faster, high innovation freeway? Maybe start close in.

Some simple forecasting methods…https://www.otexts.org/fpp/2/3

Chi square diagnostics for strategy and P&L performance

In general we learn more from failure than from success. So backtesting for failure…

(See what I did there? I created a space with the … and you filled it in w/ your own ideas about backtesting and failure…)

The market is really good at hiding it’s secrets and creating new ones – a dynamic living process

What is the next state?

It’s probably not a state we’ve seen before but almost certainly a hybrid state of some sort

What is the next secret?

Workflow is also a dynamic living process; markets change, tools change, ideas change

When markets change, maybe workflows should change, too

A workflow idea – replicate the function machine we learned about in Calculus:

Build repeatable experimental structures (entries, exits, factors) -> drop ideas into -> record results


If you want to Start Close In, you might want to get my book because the first step is always an idea…

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