[idea] 10 Ideas for the Weekend #idea #101tradingstrategies

10 Ideas for the Weekend

Correlation == substitution

Ensembles are more interesting as duration extenders than as an electoral college

Ebb and Flow rules. Everything. Like the tides.

Regime leaders seem to ebb and flow between Financial Assets, Currencies and Energies

Portfolios can overcome ebb and flow

There’s a difference between fundamental and statistically based factors

Build strategy based on time highs and lows are made in market

Add consideration for trend days and rangebound days

Apply to a basket of markets

Remove Artificialities like time and duration

There’s a difference between a strategy being broken and the market a strategy trades in being broken

Here’s a fun way to use a list of ideas:

Let the list talk to you.

Let the list be about you.

When a list makes you stop and pause, when you catch yourself thinking, “What if…”, that’s a unique idea that belongs exclusively to you – take that idea and run!


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