[101 Trading Ideas] List of Idea Lists #48lawsofpower #101tradingideas

List of Lists Trading Strategies are derived from ideas. And ideas, it turns out, are like the old-fashioned game of Telephone: when I say one thing, you hear something slightly different based on your goals and experience. That’s why the List in 101 Trading Ideas works – it triggers trading ideas that are unique to Read more about [101 Trading Ideas] List of Idea Lists #48lawsofpower #101tradingideas[…]

[Idea] Inversion #idea

“It is not enough to think about difficult problems one way. You need to think about them forwards and backwards. “Indeed,” says Munger, “many problems can’t be solved forward.” “(Jacobi) knew that it is in the nature of things that many hard problems are best solved when they are addressed backward,” Munger counsels. From the Read more about [Idea] Inversion #idea[…]