Equity Trend Indicator

The Equity Trend Indicator can be helpful in determining whether today is a Trend Day or Rangebound Day. Values that are increasing over time, especially over +5000, indicate bullish trending. Negative values that are declining over time, especially below -5000, indicate bearish trending. Choppy values between -2500 and +2500 favor a rangebound day. USA equity Read more about Equity Trend Indicator[…]

Trading Systems as Non-Trading Signals

Trading Systems as Non-Trading Signals I have a question, I call it the First Question: Is today a Trend Day or a Rangebound Day? It is the First Question because it determines how to approach today: momentum or reversion, trade now or trade later. Idea: Given the live P&L’s for the Market Stress automations why Read more about Trading Systems as Non-Trading Signals[…]