[idea] First Natural Gas System #idea #natgas #101tradingideas

101 Trading Ideas: Trading the tails of a candlestick not the body, trading volatility, trading a fundamental   A Simple Natural Gas System, End-of-Day: Illustrates the idea of trading the tail of a candlestick instead of the body when volatility leaves a big tail after the natural gas supply report on Wednesday.   Buy Wednesday Close < High – Read more about [idea] First Natural Gas System #idea #natgas #101tradingideas[…]

[idea] Second Crude Oil System #idea #crudeoil #101tradingideas

Key Trading Ideas: Trade relationships, Trade a fundamental, Trade Yesterday, Trade a Seasonal   A Simple Crude Oil System, End-of-Day: With the ideas that we are two days after the inventory announcement, Corn is an oil substitute, and Ten Year Notes reflect risk to the economy. Buy Friday, close > yesterday’s close close in Corn > yesterday’s Read more about [idea] Second Crude Oil System #idea #crudeoil #101tradingideas[…]