[101 Trading Ideas] Corn Predator Prey #strategy #idea #101tradingideas

101 Trading Ideas is a book that helps traders quickly develop strategy ideas. This strategy is another example of how to use 101 Trading Ideas to find alpha. More info on the book at the end of this post. 101 Trading Ideas: #40 Predator Prey Triggered Idea: What happens to the price of corn when the wheat and soybeans are Read more about [101 Trading Ideas] Corn Predator Prey #strategy #idea #101tradingideas[…]

[idea] Fourth Copper System #idea #copper #101tradingideas

Fourth Copper System 101 Trading Ideas: Trade a Preditor-Prey Model An End-of-Day Copper System: Illustrates the idea of trading a simple predator-prey model where Gold and the Dollar are predators and Copper is the prey. As the predator population (price) falls, the prey population (price) will rise and vice versa. Buy Rules Close of Gold < Close 13 days Read more about [idea] Fourth Copper System #idea #copper #101tradingideas[…]