[idea] Third Copper System #idea #copper #101tradingideas

101 Trading Ideas: Trade Relationships An End-of-Day Copper System: Illustrates the idea of trading the relationship of two markets – in this case trading momentum after a big move when supported by a concurrent move in the Dollar Buy Rules Close of Copper > Close 13 days ago + (square root 13 * daily standard deviation)  //square root of time Read more about [idea] Third Copper System #idea #copper #101tradingideas[…]

[idea] Second Copper System #idea #copper #101tradingideas

101 Trading Ideas: Reprice into another market and trade the new price changes, Trade relationships An End-of-Day Copper System: Illustrates the idea of trading a market priced in another market and trading the relationship of Gold and Crude Oil to Copper Buy Rules Close of Copper priced in Crude is < than the close of Copper priced in Crude 8 Read more about [idea] Second Copper System #idea #copper #101tradingideas[…]

[Idea] Third Natural Gas System #idea #natgas #101tradingideas

101 Trading Ideas: Trading a relationship, Trading Change, Trading Rate of Change A Simple Natural Gas System, End-of-Day: Illustrates the idea of trading the relationship between Nat Gas and Crude Oil, changes in price, and the rate of change of daily range Buy Rules Average True Range of last 9 days < Average True Range yesterday Today’s close is Read more about [Idea] Third Natural Gas System #idea #natgas #101tradingideas[…]

[idea] Second Crude Oil System #idea #crudeoil #101tradingideas

Key Trading Ideas: Trade relationships, Trade a fundamental, Trade Yesterday, Trade a Seasonal   A Simple Crude Oil System, End-of-Day: With the ideas that we are two days after the inventory announcement, Corn is an oil substitute, and Ten Year Notes reflect risk to the economy. Buy Friday, close > yesterday’s close close in Corn > yesterday’s Read more about [idea] Second Crude Oil System #idea #crudeoil #101tradingideas[…]